The staff restaurant "franz" at F. LIST GMBH in Austrian Thomasberg / 27.11.2018

Welcome to "franz"

There is something very special about the staff restaurant "franz". Opened in early 2018, it received the Lower Austrian Building Award 2018. Open interior design is a source of feel-good atmosphere. Light and dark shades of colour accentuate the interior decoration.

The ceiling design reflects a futuristic concept realised by means of sculptured coved lighting – custom-made for the "franz" project by Vogl Deckensysteme. With an area of 1,500 m² and space for some 220 people, the staff restaurant is one of highly frequented rooms. For this reason, the interior concept was designed with optimal room acoustics in mind to make "franz" a feel-good location for the employees. Along with the VoglToptec acoustic plaster system panels, acoustic design panels of the GSG4 Joint system were also used in the ceiling construction. This quick compound seam for acoustic design ceilings created by Vogl ensures significant time saving at the construction site. As compared to conventional compound seam, surrounding rebate – with a 4-side edge design – allows quicker installation and easier joint finishing.

The staff restaurant "franz" is a place where design and functionality perfectly blend with each other.

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