Acoustics Meets Design

Acoustic design ceilings are the most significant instrument in the acoustic design of a room. In determining the right sound absorption, various factors such as room volume or planned utilisation play a major role. Acoustic ceilings can also be convincing from a design point of view.

General statements regarding good or bad absorption do not make much sense. An individual calculation must be performed for each construction object in order to come up with the right room acoustics.

Three applications for absorbing materials are available to suit the different purposes:

  • room acoustic design,
  • noise reduction, and
  • control of reverb time.

Especially large rooms, such as opera or concert halls, and highly frequented areas such a schools and day care centres or public buildings require sophisticated acoustics. A great selection of various acoustic design ceilings is available to achieve an optimum room acoustic performance in the ceiling design. Find out more about this on the following pages!




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