Item no. 100981 Vernier safety bolt

Quick, safe and clatter-free connection in the vernier system


  • Easy installation: First insert the longer limb into the suitable pair of holes. Once the final position is reached, insert the shorter limb into the suitable pair of holes. Bend the longer limb towards the vernier top part to secure it.
  • When pushing the security pins in firmly, the two parts will interlock, and clattering is thus prevented.

Technical data

Material Zinc-plated sheet steel
Packing unit 100 pcs. / PU
Material thickness 2.5 mm
Fire behaviour Class A1
Shelf life Unlimited
Load-bearing capacity -
Storage conditions Store in a dry place protected against moisture and wetness
Corrosion protection Class B

Relevant test certificates / declarations of performance can be requested, if necessary.


  • Suitable for use in damp rooms only if provided with special anti-corrosive coating (on request)
  • Not suitable for outdoor installation


  • PDS 205, Item no. 100981 Vernier Safety Bolt


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