Item no. 101623 Direct mounting vibration clip, 4mm, CD 60/27

Mounting of CD 60/27 profiles directly to the structural subbase
Additionally equipped with an element for acoustic decoupling


  • Easy installation: Clips are positioned on the chalkline using a notch and screwed down. The profile is then clipped-on and the two straps are bent up as well as screwed down, if necessary.
  • The vibration element reduces sound transmission.

Technical data

Material Zinc-plated sheet steel
Packing unit 100 pcs. / PU; 32 PU / pallet
Material thickness 1.2 mm
Fire behaviour Class A1
Shelf life Unlimited
Load-bearing capacity  250 N (normal load)
Storage conditions Store in a dry place protected against moisture and wetness
Corrosion protection Class B

Relevant test certificates / declarations of performance can be requested, if necessary.


  • Suitable for use in damp rooms only if provided with special anti-corrosive coating (on request)
  • Not suitable for outdoor installation


  • PDS 198, Item no. 101623 Direct mounting vibration clip 4 mm CD 60/27


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