Impressive Play with Design, Colour and Light

The spectrum of design possibilities with acoustic design ceilings has been significantly expanded. The elegant integration of stretch ceiling surfaces in acoustic ceiling designs makes for a striking aesthetic appearance using colour, light and degrees of gloss and, in its function as an illuminated ceiling, provides a gentle surface lighting with variable colour mix. The superb variety of both colours and shapes is impressive! Clear geometric forms or freely defined shapes, combining various perforation patterns of the acoustic design ceilings, result in ceiling areas which are rich in contrast and can be level or stepped for 3D accentuation.

Add some style to your ceiling

Vogl Stretch Ceilings offer nearly unlimited design liberty with:

  • exciting surfaces and three-dimensional forms
  • contrasts between colours and degrees of gloss
  • accentuated interaction of light and illumination
  • added corporate design printed foils
  • ideal combination options with acoustic design ceilings in form, colour and function


  • Brochure Illuminated and Stretch Ceilings


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