Shannon Airport, Ireland / 20.08.2019

Shannon Airport in Ireland connects European and transatlantic destinations.
Denise Ryan from Fineline Interior Design was commissioned to redesign its Eat & Drink area. This was a bit of a challenge: Creating an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of airport life. This interior design solution by Denise Ryan was implemented within two weeks only.

Not only the acoustic design panels with air purification effect (VoglFuge system, approx. 800 m²), but also the curved moulded components and Vogl Fold Fix elements were provided by our company. Our system partner Rentex supplied the suitable illuminated ceiling.

This is how Ms Ryan's idea based on the circulation axis could be realised. The centre of everything is a tree in the Lounge area, which is accentuated by impressive daylight illumination. This so-called circulation axis creates a direct connection between the café, the bar and the neutral areas with short ways to Duty Free, toilets and currency exchange facilities.

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