Our origin lies in tool and machine construction. Today, in our plant in Emskirchen, we manufacture everything for high-end ceiling design using state-of-the-art production facilities.
Our basic materials are gypsum plasterboard and sheet metal.

Our focus is not only on the production of top-quality acoustic, design, light and climate control ceilings, but also on making individual, customised moulded elements, floating ceilings, integrated ceiling components or stretch ceilings.
For a stable and rigid ceiling framework, our portfolio includes a wide range of product applications, such as profiles, suspended brackets or connectors and mounting material.

You can obtain all the components from us, perfectly matched and tested.
We draw from our know-how and the experience in toolmaking, and we have recognised the weak points in the conventional dry construction product range. Thanks to precision production methods, we manufacture products of premium quality. Thus we set the benchmark in quality, fitting accuracy and reliability of application.


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