Evenness Easier than Ever

This is what drywall construction has waited for: Evenness between perforated and smooth gypsum boards used to be achieved by tedious spackling. It required a tremendous effort to equalize the small difference in height caused by the fleece laminated on the back of the perforated panels.
The idea for achieving evenness in record time is ingeniously simple: The Vogl Double Layer Fleece, which is self-adhesive and comes on rolls, ready for use, makes the levelling of height differences easier than ever. Brilliantly simple realisation of shadow gaps in contrasting colour for the perfectly designed ceiling. Optically appealing design of expansion joints by backing them in black or white.

Advantages of the Vogl Double Layer Fleece

  • Quicker and more economical installation using self-adhesive rolled material
  • Tedious, time-consuming spackling is now a thing of the past
  • Practical helper for many transition and connection details
  • Homogeneous material for perfect connection to fleece-laminated perforated panels
  • Available in various tape widths for single and double application
  • Available in white or black fleece colour


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