Quick and easy filling

Filling work on acoustic ceilings is one of the most elaborate work steps in dry construction. This is not least due to the fact that the required material needs to be first mixed and transferred to another container before use. For this application case, Vogl Deckensysteme now offers the new joint compound Vogl ReadyFiller that brings about significant improvement for those executing the work.

Advantages of the Vogl ReadyFiller:

  • Ready for use with creamy consistency
  • No mixing or curing times typical of powder material
  • Fibre-reinforced material to increase crack resistance
  • Delivery in economical tubular bags (600ml)
    --> no transfer to a cartridge set is required!
  • Easy to sand and can be re-processed / re-coated with any conventional material
  • Emission-tested product (VOC A+ certificate)

Our new product has been specifically developed for the joint systems Compound Seam and GSG4 Joint. It is available as a ready-mix product in an economical 600ml tubular bag. Due to this, the plasterer executing the work can save mixing and curing times typical of powder material, and tiring transfer to a cartridge set is no longer required, either. The material itself is ready for use and has creamy consistency. In order to reduce the risk of subsequent crack formation, the joint compound is fibre-reinforced and boasts very high density. After drying, the material is subjected to sanding and can be coated with all commonly used paint materials.


  • PDS 103, Vogl ReadyFiller

  • SDS 113, Vogl ReadyFiller

  • DOP 1105 Vogl ReadyFiller, Item no. 102324

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