At the Top in Terms of Energy Efficiency and Functionality

With energy resources growing scarce, fossil fuels are too valuable to just burn them on a large scale. To conserve the fossil resources, it makes good sense to put major energy consumers on a diet. This includes the heating and cooling of buildings. Highly efficient systems are needed here. The VoglThermotop climate control system combines acoustic design ceilings with the additional function of a very effective cooling and heating ceiling. Compared to conventional air handling systems, the operating costs can be reduced by up to 40%, and, from an aesthetic point of view, the harmonious appearance of the ceiling is not compromised.

Spending less energy for more

Climate control ceilings for utmost efficiency:

  • Perfectly easy to install the pre-assembled units in the finished ceiling framework by simply hooking and snapping them into place
  • Tested complete system from one source with integrated result reliability
  • Suitable for areas with low to medium cooling and heating loads
  • Feasible as climate control ceiling, acoustic climate control ceiling or acoustic plaster climate control ceiling
  • Individual design and execution to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Low operating costs due to low-maintenance complete system, minimum susceptibility to failure thanks to the use of long-time tested materials


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