Ceiling Friezes in Record Time

There are various ways of creating friezes for perforated gypsum board ceilings. However, these typically require intensive preplanning and tedious time consuming work on site. Now there is an efficient, clean and safe solution: the Vogl Frieze Tape Set. With this method, non-perforated frieze areas can be produced quickly and economically, saving a great deal of time and hassle. The frieze tape set includes all accessories needed at the job site for making a frieze of any width. Just a few simple steps will produce a clean finish.

Advantages of the VoglFriestape-Set

The unique workmanship provides key advantages when creating non-perforated frieze areas:

  • Quick, safe and clean workmanship
  • No development of dirt and dust
  • Holes can be re-opened if required
  • Filler cannot sink in, nor holes re-emerge


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