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In the past, ceiling design in dry interior construction has often met its limits, usually when it came to combining form and light. The reason for this was that there was hardly any manufacturer who was able to offer the complete construction member consisting of moulded ceiling component and precisely matching illumination element. The module had to be put together individually from the appropriate moulded gypsum part and any kind of lighting component. That cost a lot of time, and planning certainty was inadequate.
But that will soon be history!

Form + light = VoglLightInside

Industry specialist Vogl Deckensysteme presents its product for high-end interior finishing: VoglLightInside. If a project calls for coved lighting or a light channel, this system can be ordered at Vogl in the required dimensions along with the matching LED strips. Their advantage is that they give off only a small amount of heat and, due to their low power consumption, highly contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. The prefabricated component will be fitted on site with the supplied LED module which, by the way, Vogl offers in various options of white and luminous efficacy and even with coloured RGB LEDs, with the beam angle directed upward. Based on its low overall height, the lighting system integrates invisibly into the moulded component. Ceiling solutions of this kind allow coved lighting and light channels to be illuminated homogeneously without any disturbing shading. Due to the great variety of design options, VoglLightInside can be installed wherever a sophisticated ceiling design is called for. The moulded component is delivered to the job site and requires only a proper drywall framework where it will be mounted by the drywall construction specialist in the intended position, fitted with the lighting and connected by the electrician. It couldn't be easier!

Advantages of the VoglLightInside module:

  • Wide variety of forms and functions
  • Efficient and sustainable materials guarantee low energy consumption
  • Easy-to-install system (familiar materials from drywall construction)
  • Individual solutions can be designed and realised as per customer specification
  • Seamless integration of moulded gypsum parts into adjoining ceiling areas
  • High dimensional accuracy of all individual parts guarantees high-quality ceiling design
  • Efficient assembly and maximum certainty of results due to a harmonised complete system


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