Landesmuseum in Zurich

Vaulted Forms

The Zurich Landesmuseum has been a Swiss attraction ever since it was opened in 1898. Now the Swiss had the cross vault re-designed. For this purpose, Vogl Deckensysteme supplied the complete, pre-fabricated ceiling framework for the cross vault.

It was evident already after its opening that the Landesmuseum was about to burst at the seams. The historic building created by Gustav Gull comprises the largest cultural history collection in Switzerland. The step-by-step renovation was also to include a new ceiling structure. The first stage in the renovation of this monumental building, the cross-arched railway station wing, will be completed in August 2009. This section, which will be followed by a large-volume extension building by 2013, was executed based on the design of the Basel architects Christ & Gantenbein.

Type of object: Museum
Zurich Landesmuseum
Vogl products:
Cross vault

Completion: 2009
Architects: Christ & Gantenbein, Basel


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